Which website is best for earn money?

Which website is best for earn money?

Let’s try to understand the basic idea of websites that people prefer to visit right now on their mobile phones. In this article, we will try to answer one question that people have when they ask – “Which website is best for earn money in 2021?” In this article I am going to tell you about what makes a good website and how it can help you to make some extra money on your own website. By reading below article, you can find the information you need. In the article, I will talk about different ways from where you can make money online.

What Factors Make A Good Website? (The 6)

Website plays an important role to create brand awareness, enhance brand value, bring traffic, and improve conversion rate. So if we look at each factor, then only those websites that are suitable for my goals will remain. To keep up with the market demand, always follow these factors which lead me towards that direction.

Easy To Use

I think websites should be easy to use so that people could easily get their information about products. The first thing that many individuals would like is a simple interface that’s why all kinds of apps, such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon Fire store, etc. are available too. You should put yourself into the reader’s shoes, not just creating an attractive product, but making them user-friendly and easy to use.

Free Social Media Platform

Social media plays a significant role in marketing businesses. It allows companies to engage audiences across multiple platforms using social sharing, and content and promotion strategies. This kind of strategy is highly recommended by most entrepreneurs to build a loyal audience base.

Good Customer Service

To become successful in business, firstly, organizations need to develop a proper support mechanism to their users. Companies also need to provide great customer service or else they might never find success. When someone gets any problem, he/she would turn to a reliable company like us and solve it within the short timeframe. So, before providing any service, think about the issue. If your website is doing that, you will attract more customers to solve problems with the help of your team. After that think further to get the solution. If your site is not doing the same, there are other sites to do your work for you.

Your Company History

People love stories. That’s why stories are very important to create a good reputation. You should have past experiences of business, the achievements you have achieved, etcetera. With this, you get lots of trust.

Affordable Pricing

One of the reasons for choosing cheap pricing is because it attracts maximum subscribers to your blog or web page. As an entrepreneur you are looking upto increase in reach or market share. Therefore, prices are always a concern of every website owner. But the fact is that the higher your prices, the more the quality of their services, more active visitors, more revenue opportunities, more profits.

User Friendly Design

As an entrepreneur, you should be aware that the design should create focus and interest. Always aim to give a better experience to your visitors. It has been observed that the majority of the consumers prefer free-flowing pages over complicated ones. The same is true even though complicated layouts can attract new viewers. Also remember that the color scheme matters a lot. According to studies, colors are one of the most used words in search engines. So choose wisely which color combination to choose.

All About Us Page

On your All About Us page of your blog, you don’t just add a link to another resource but show the actual work and results as well. This helps others to get information about your expertise and your work that’s why users would not prefer reading anything unrelated to it.


In order for any organization to succeed in its industry, it needs to set its policies. One of the main things that a potential buyer looks for is the payment method and payment schedule. It doesn’t matter whether a firm prefers cash on delivery or credit card. If the payment method is fast and clear, it would grab the attention of the buyers. So, in order to stand out among competitors in this field, try to optimize your payments methods to reach your goal.

Payment Methods

Now days, everyone has options of payment options. You need to research on the different payment option available in your country and region. There are a large number of payment methods that suit your budget. For example PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etcetera.

Also, if any other alternative payment option such as Bank transfer is available, then consider that and consider which is quick and convenient.


If you want to be visible to everybody in the world, you should have advertising as well. Not just that you need to display ads in the form of banner on your blog, you need to promote your products through paid social media, you need to pay ad agencies in your area for advertisements.

And you can learn to manage your budget if you don’t like to spend much on advertisement.


If you keep following, read till the end, and you will find the answers you wanted to know. Now let me ask you how much time would you invest in learning the internet and blogging in order to become successful. So, keep up and do everything what you can; all your efforts will yield positive results. Just take a little risk and you can achieve something big!

What is the best way to earn money online?

  1. What is the best way to earn money online?

If you are a student, or someone looking to start one, then look no further. We live in the digital age. It is not just about finding jobs, it also entails online courses and courses. There are so many ways, from simple ways like searching for ideas on Google or typing keywords in forums online. There are more advanced methods as well, like promoting your business through social media, creating videos on YouTube, or even doing blogging to earn money. So, if you want to make extra money, there are some effective ways that will help you earn at least $100 each day using only your computer.

What Are Some Ways In Which You Can Do This As A Student

1) Search For Questions On Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer platform that has been around for years and was created by Microsoft. Since its launch in 2006, people use their own website to post questions and answers on this platform. People who have little knowledge of it can post questions related to different subjects on how to solve them. Once they get enough views on their answers, the rest of the people can read them and respond to them by replying to the original answer. Many people use this platform to keep themselves updated with things and new information, which makes it easy to find answers that have been answered by previous users. It is free to use and can easily be used by anyone who wants to improve his skills. Just ask questions and search for answers. They have several categories like health, finance, technology, and sports. Most importantly, Quora offers an open forum for students to discuss their problems, make comments and post questions. Thus, they are very helpful when you need to ask advice or seek support. Plus, since most of these people are college students who have access to computers, they can also send their work to editors and other professional writers for editing. Also, Quora allows them to comment on other people’s posts and read responses. This is really useful and you can always get constructive feedback from your peers.


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2) Blogging

This method of making money online is an old but very effective way to earn money, especially if your blog is popular among readers. An article can reach several audiences and people who have little knowledge of what you say can learn to do things better. Blogging gives you the ability to control everything, and you don’t choose what topics you write about. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to focus on long-standing topics in your writing as well. But writing about those subjects you are interested in gives you more power to create quality content and show it to your audience. To create something meaningful, you take advantage of all your senses and skills like researching and organizing. When your work goes viral, it can start earning more than $5 per click and make more than $500 every month.

3) Affiliate Marketing

If you have any experience in any industry, affiliate marketing can become an excellent way to make money. With affiliate marketing, you promote someone else’s product or service and get a commission for each sale. Basically, you are paid whenever someone decides to buy your desired item through your link. There are lots of ways of getting started, so you can take the path of building up your email list, promoting your blog or posting on social platforms like Facebook.


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So, why do you think you should be working on affiliate marketing? Here are a few reasons to consider it,

You have a large following on social media like Twitter and Instagram.

Your expertise about certain subjects may be relevant to anyone.

You can monetize your skill by offering consultations or services to clients.

You don’t have to worry about making a huge amount of money or having to constantly update it online.

You can make a solid income if you are good at this. Your target customers are usually small businesses, so the profit is based on the number of sales.

4) Start Courses/Courses on Udemy


This company is not only about providing tutorials, but also is about education, training, and growth. These courses were developed by expert teachers and experts that have time and experience. After starting such course, you will have to sign an agreement when entering into a contract with Udemy and pay a monthly subscription fee to make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Their instructors write stories and have discussions about the topic. Through videos, students can get more knowledge about technicalities and even discuss real world scenarios and examples. They have over 20,000 graduates every year and get a great return on investment in less than a year. Also, there are various courses available in different areas like Business, Programming, Design, Education without even coding knowledge.

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5) Sell Digital Products

If you are good with designing, you can sell digital products online. You can share your designs and products with others to gain more followers. There are different kinds of digital products like T-shirts, websites, etc. These items are quite expensive and require a lot of patience and hard work to produce them. However, once you develop a good design for a specific niche, you can start selling digital products by advertising them on your social media pages and sending links to your buyers to download them. When you start the process, your eCommerce store will generate revenue on the basis of a single visitor.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

For people who were successful in life, making money online can be the dream of theirs. Being able to make extra income by spending your spare time is really satisfying. To make money online, you have to stick to the right path. By becoming an entrepreneur, you will certainly have to manage a team and make sure it works in your favour. You will have to go through the ups and downs that come along with being part of that team, but you will never regret joining them. While creating a perfect portfolio and marketing strategies, you can easily achieve success.


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So, now you know how to make money online, the best way to do this is through Youtube, web hosting and blogging. Keep your eyes peeled, because there are still another many other ways there that we may talk about the next time.

Make money with affiliate marketing

Make money with affiliate marketing

There are a lot of ways to make money through affiliate marketing, but it’s one of the easiest to do. From promoting other people’s products or services – the options are endless. By connecting with your readers, you can create new leads that turn into sales and more revenue for you, regardless how niche you choose. And if done the right way, you will always be earning a sustainable income stream to make as much progress as possible.


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Affiliate marketing is something we have covered here already here and have already written about many different methods there. It really takes less time and effort than getting all in on selling and promoting something yourself but at the same time, it requires some technical knowledge which you need to get at least as competent as possible. Not only that, you might also want to take into account the fact that the quality of information you feed their readers is directly related to what kind of content they read, so make sure that you’re feeding them the information that helps them know and understand what they want and where they can find it.

So let’s dig a little deeper and see what kinds of things you can promote here and how you can use affiliate links to monetize content.

What Kind Of Products Can You Promote Here?

As a marketer, you can promote any product or service that gives value to your audience. Think about it like this: When you buy an item, you know it’s going to be used. So even after purchasing it, it won’t disappear into thin air. Now, do you imagine how convenient that makes things for you? Everything else goes up as well, from buying to using the items and then giving a good experience to the end user. How much faster would you go if it was just a click away? Or even just having a picture? These are very minor details to make it seem easy enough for anyone who thinks about using it, regardless of where the user comes from – because almost everything they do revolves around making themselves feel better. The world of today has created a whole bunch of things that people would rather not think about. Instead, people focus on things that will enable them to achieve some sort of happiness and satisfaction. But as a marketer, when you start thinking only about providing these types of deals and experiences, you risk missing a lot out on opportunities.


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So how may you give your audience a piece of mind by choosing a particular product? Well, why not promote another good product through your own blog and link to the original website to get the most out of them? As a simple example, how about you promoting your YouTube channel instead of doing ads in it? Because if you are promoting on your own platform and looking for your email list to follow, that’ll be easier and much more natural than trying to promote something you know doesn’t fit your style.

Another great way to increase your exposure and awareness is to write articles on a variety of topics that are relevant to our everyday lives; so every week, you’ll be writing on something specific and you’ll be able to build a fanbase, which is key for growth and success, especially when you have some valuable content that readers can get something out of. Another great tip would be to set aside some days of the week that you’re working on a project, for instance: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturday, Sundays, and then start focusing on creating content and sharing it with others, without expecting a notification or reply. This will help bring a sense of urgency to your content and allow followers to get to know you, a lot faster.

Another great option for getting noticed and gaining the trust of people is promoting other people’s products and services and share your own content on social media platforms, making sure to create videos to keep your viewers engaged throughout. Don’t forget to add your unique voice to each video and be a person that people look up to for advice and motivation. In essence, you should get on Facebook if you’re planning on starting your own social media page, and don’t hesitate to post other companies’ content too in order to start building the community and following a particular brand or company. Be a creator and provide freebies to your followers, like giveaways or discounts.

How Do You Choose Your Target Audience?

Now that you have come up with a clear idea of how you want to approach marketing and advertising, the next thing you need to figure out, is how to pick your target audience. What do you’ll write about next week’s news, what is happening in society, and what would you like your audiences to learn? Then you don’t want to write about stuff that is boring or similar to your regular posts. If you are going to sell anything online, you should consider whether it’s something that will benefit the reader or someone interested in learning more or helping themselves learn something new, as you’re probably familiar with your reading habits.

The biggest difference between your article and its competitors is your focus on the reader’s needs. Most bloggers stick to discussing something they love (or dislike), like the latest trends, so make sure when you’re deciding your topic you’re thinking about the reader and paying attention to what they want and need. When I’m choosing my topics, I always get stuck right into my work and that’s a huge relief. On top of that, you should also get some inspiration from popular websites and influencers who have made a name for themselves by telling stories about the things they love and think everyone should enjoy. If your topic sounds interesting to you and you feel inspired by your fellow bloggers, that could be your guide too.


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If you decide to get paid to write, choose a niche and make sure to talk about it until it becomes your main focus. If you like it and think your audience is curious about it, you can share interesting information on it, and that’s what’s best at the heart of being an expert – when the reader has something to learn and the writer understands that.

Make Sure To Follow Up

Last but not least, try to reach as many people as possible and follow all of them to keep track and stay on top of your own performance. After you’ve gotten all your work done and it’s finally time to sit back and wait for the magic to happen… wait and watch! For now, do what you can and keep going till the work comes to an end. Let your fans know that you appreciate them, that you care about what they can do and how they can improve, and that you wish you could be a part of their life. Be present and happy, and don’t be afraid to ask for help again. All in all, make sure to become a reliable source of information. Don’t spend your hard-earned dollars only on one blog anymore; diversify into different ones. Share your knowledge and information, and ask for help from others when needed.

Is it possible to earn money online?

Is it possible to earn money online?

Being an online business owner is a lot of fun and easy to do, but what are the actual costs when you start out and how much money will it take for your company to become popular? We’ve taken some basic steps, so let’s dive right in!

First Things First – Are You Doing This Right Now?

When we think about starting a small business online one of the most common questions that pops up is “is it really worth doing this?”

The good news is that the right way to go can be done quickly and effectively, and you don’t need capital or any fancy resources to start off. There are many different ways to get started as well — web design, coding, social media marketing, SEO, etc. Even if you are new to freelancing, there are plenty of ways to make quick money online.

So the question then becomes: How much money can I expect to make?

Well let’s break it down before you decide on how much money you want to pay. For example, you may start with a monthly fee, which can range anywhere between $1,000 and $50,000. Some people choose to do a single project per day, while others work several times a week. Some companies even offer services such as eCommerce, WordPress management, web development, etc. Just keep an open mind and consider what work makes sense for you or your business.

You’ll also want to keep this list handy and have a clear idea of how many projects you’ve completed so far. When you reach 6 months into a business, you should begin focusing more on growth and revenue generation. Don’t jump into every task at the beginning because time and motivation is the key here. The first 10 or 15 years to see results will help focus your energy and get things rolling, but if you don’t receive results after two years, it’s possible to reconsider your business strategy altogether.

So where do you look for clients?

Whether you know who to contact or not, it’s important to reach out to someone new. Since many online businesses are small-time or niche operations, their success is based on finding someone to assist them. If a website isn’t working out or something else on your site isn’t working like it used to, reaching out to other individuals with similar interests is the best way to find someone to fix things. In order to succeed, you need to find people willing to work for you for free or part-time. These businesses don’t want bad reviews, so they need to find good people to review their sites, give feedback, and sometimes even give help through email. Once you’ve found someone interested in taking over the project without paying anything upfront, ask to set up meetings with them. They can call around or meet in person to discuss the project, offer references, and if everything goes smoothly, agree to start hiring the staff immediately.

How Much Do Your Businesses Make?

Most people don’t realize just how much money comes out of running a successful online business. Asking for help from another skilled individual doesn’t necessarily take away from profits. Many sites on the internet are simply advertisements. A customer who has made purchases from someone’s page will have paid a commission to the seller. So how much does that cost? Well, it depends. Some websites charge 20% to 30% commissions and can run upwards of $1000. On the flip side, others may only charge 1% to 2%. Depending on how much each sale equals to, it’s often cheaper to go with a lower rate than pay more depending on what you can actually spend. So don’t be afraid to start small and move forward with anyone willing to help, since they’re probably already doing it themselves.

How Much Does Running a Website Cost?

A WordPress blog is easy enough to operate, set up, add content to, but the real work happens behind the scenes. While building a solid foundation is essential, paying for hosting is actually the largest expense on a platform. That said, having a fully functional website is pretty expensive at its core. While Google provides unlimited hosting and domain names, you’ll still want to make sure your own website works on all platforms and browsers as well. What platform do you host it on? Who’s hosting companies provide it? Will you need to buy hosting to keep your website active? Most importantly, how much cash do you need to put towards hosting?

The bottom line is that the more complex your website, the more time it takes to launch, and the less time you have at your disposal to make an impact. And that’s one reason why almost no one wants to build one. But don’t worry; if you’re willing to wait to see which host works best for your project, the rest will easily fall into place once you start getting traffic.

Will my Visitors come back? How Much Data Can I Store on My Site? How Long Should People Wait to Save on Their Items on Shopify? (I’m Not Getting Anything)

Asking yourself these kinds of detailed questions will show you the truth: What can you do to attract visitors? Help them find something? Entertain them? What is next?

And if you’re struggling to grow, remember that it’s all up to you! Whether you start with a simple homepage and a few posts, or complete a lengthy eCommerce store, you can be sure that you have all the tools needed to hit its goals. All it takes is some planning and an open mind to think outside the box. Take chances, enjoy the process, and watch as many opportunities unfold before your eyes.

Final Thoughts

Starting a business and maintaining it online is great, but how much work can it really take to build a profitable online operation? Well, we had to ask ourselves a bunch of questions. Remember to get answers to the above before deciding on how much money you want to spend on your product. Be flexible. Get creative. Learn from mistakes and mistakes! When things don’t go right, try again. Keep trying until you learn what worked and what didn’t. When things do work out, keep your head held high and give it all your best shot because as entrepreneurs, we need to stay humble enough to admit the obvious.

how to make mony online

how to make mony online

You may be thinking, why am I sharing this and not my original question? My answer is simple; why would you want me to share information about a scam that’s going on? If anyone’s reading this, please keep an eye out for the next section I tell them about. In short, it makes us feel safe for when we want to purchase something from any place or store. I’m telling you right now, it will be easy money and the chances of success are very high. So don’t waste your time and don’t spend extra money for nothing. Just look around the site, it will take care of the rest.

Mony.com Monzo

Mony.com is one good way to start investing in Bitcoin. That means you don’t need to have cash ready. The website is well-designed with many different ways to invest. They even have tips on how to get started. This can also take you through a few steps before investing. There’s no shame in doing your research! Even if you only need $5,000, even then they have a calculator. It will get you over there without too much trouble. Then they give you more of a detailed explanation of what you need to know. All you need to do is have a little curiosity. Now, this is completely optional, but they do recommend signing up before investing. Yes, it takes time. But that’s all worth every little bit of time!

All their investments are secured, so you aren’t left holding a bag of cash at home, which might be the case with other sites. Another great benefit of the investment options is that all investments are covered by insurance. You are safe there no matter what happens. By signing up to be a member, you’ll get a free account with plenty of money to start out.

I think the best thing is that each of these services is provided by Mony.com for free. Plus you get the option to pay as you go. I personally believe it would cost less than $100 a year for access and then you could either pay as you go or wait until you reach their certain minimum that you’ve set up. Also, you can choose to join individually or with someone else.

Mony Online Investment Services

If I had to pick, I think I’d pick Mony.com over others because they have tons of different investment categories. A lot about each category that makes me feel comfortable or confident. For example; there is Money Market and then another one called Credit Cards. Once you hit them both, it gives you an unlimited number of money so you have room to grow. Then come along as an investor and sign up with the credit cards so you can use those funds. From here, you can invest in anything from gold coins to property to stocks. As for the gold coins, they say you can find some pretty awesome ones out there. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; as for the stock market, they also offer their own portfolios, that is. Their portfolio has thousands of companies with all different sectors and some that are smaller. These can range up into large corporations like Facebook and Amazon. They give a pretty decent idea of what kind of things you can expect from Mony.

So if I had my choice now between a couple different sites that I would go with Mony. And I know it will cost me a whole bunch of money, but I’m sure if that’s worth paying off in the long run I’ll be very happy with it.

Keep An Eye On Your Investments

There’s always a chance that a company goes under or that some investors lose interest in a particular project. Sometimes though, you can make some solid gains. So it can be hard to stay invested in something when they seem to have given up on it. But a quick glance into who you follow matters a great deal if you want to succeed at a place like Mony.com. Remember what all the people on Twitter and YouTube said? Keep an eye on what all the content says. Look at what’s been going lately and learn from what’s already working. Listen to what’s being said and read what their followers are saying. And remember, this isn’t as scary as it sounds. Sure it gets complicated sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the ride.

There’s lots of ways to learn and grow, so don’t fear it.

You’ve got this!

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog post! I want to continue writing because I’ve learned a lot from you. Maybe you would also like to see more of my stuff. Let me know in the comments section below.

how to make mony from home

how to make mony from home

1. Making my own mony bread


1 cup of sugar

1 cups of flour

2 cups of water

1 tbsp sugar stick

1 tbsp honey and lemon juice for making the syrup. You can use any kind but I prefer using this. The rest the same.

2. Mix the first two ingredients. Add any more you want. Stir a bit so it becomes uniform then add the last one. If it looks mixed, just mix again.

3. Put in a pot on fire on low heat with half a cup of water and start mixing (again if the mixture is rough, put some more water in it before you have finished mixing). In a while, you will see that your mony will be ready. It will take about 20 minutes at least on high heat.

4. Once the mixture cools down. Take out of hot and let it cool completely.

5. After your mony has cooled, peel and cut into small pieces. Now slice it and keep it aside. I usually do so after peeling the pieces.

6. Once you are done cutting all of the pieces then put them back in the boiling water and boil it for about 30 seconds till they are soft but not mushy. Then remove it with a spatula and place them in cold water and leave it to cool.

7. When you are ready to serve mony, heat it up in the microwave for 3 mins, and then let it cool for another 5-10min.

8. Serve in bowls.

9. For serving, you can use any type of milk you like. Just heat it up and then garnish it.

10. As mentioned before, when mony is served, cover it and enjoy!

I hope this helps!!

Happy Cooking 🙂

Mony Baked

Mony Bread Recipe By Elizabeth Andrews

What’s inside?

This recipe contains wheat germ which makes mony extra fluffy. But you can substitute any other grain such as barley or millet if you like. I used mulem or coconut oil instead of the butter.

Mony can be found in several supermarkets in Australia which is why it has become a staple food in Australian diet. Here below is a list of stores that sell the product.

Mony is also available online at Amazon. The cheapest product is around $18

Mony contains no added sugar. So, there is no need to worry about it being rich. All in all, people who love sweetened foods just don’t miss a bite while looking fro their shopping cart.

The most important thing to know is to soak mony in water overnight in a pot which then boils down until it’s soft and mushy and ready to eat. Don’t wait until you’re cooking for long to wash the mony before cooking it. Make sure to rinse off and dry before adding mony to other recipes just in case there is moisture.

Don’t forget to add mony to other dishes such as curries, pizzas or pasta. Your choice is yours.

For the best taste, let mony cook for 8-10 minutes.

Mony Recipe by Gaby Zwierska

Mony made from scratch is different from packaged mony. My daughter loves the fresh taste of homemade mony. Whenever she wants to go outside, I encourage her to try her momos instead. And since mony is a special ingredient in our household, we prefer it over regular sugar. So, I prefer my daughter’s motherly role. She feels good as soon as she gets to the kitchen. That’s what she tells me.

Mony is very simple to prepare. There are only 7 basic steps. They include the following:

1. Make mony dough.

2. Pour rice flour and sugar together in a bowl

3. Add salt to mony mix and gradually pour it into the bowl

4. Keep kneading rice flour till it is of smooth consistency.

5. Slowly stir in milk until it forms small clumps

6. Gradually add milk until it melts and begins forming a ball

7. Leave the milk aside.

8. Continue stirring rice flour in the bowl till it comes to a hard paste.

9. Let it thicken until it solidifies.

10. Place in a bowl and cover with sieves

11. Cut the mony and place in a plastic bag (or use a large bowl) and then refrigerate.

12. In about an hour, remove the bag, place the mony in a blender, pour in milk, and then blend until there is no lumps.

13. Remove the pulp and put back into the sieve, let it cool and then scoop out the pulp. You can also add mony pulp to yogurt. Or just take it with some fruit juice.

14. Divide the mony pulp into smaller chunks and place them in plastic bags to freeze.

15. Once all the pulp has frozen, take 1 or 2 mony cubes and spread on a baking sheet or a pie plate.

16. Bake mony cubes for 10 and 15-20 minutes on medium heat.

17. Once the cubes are done and the mony has cooled down, make it into a sandwich, wrap it well and store it in plastic bags and refrigerate.

18. Remember that I said you can use mony from anywhere, whether it’s on your toast, salad, pizza and sandwiches or even cakes and tarts. Have fun when getting started.

Have a wonderful day

And now…Moni Baked!